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KCD Cozy Cottages



Each Cottage is designed with a certain theme that has an important memory for our family. We hope you will make just as many beautiful memories during your stay with us!

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Dog Park


Conveniently located on the strip, our cottages will sweep you into the charm and excitements of Geneva-On-The-Lake! Dine at one of our neighborhood’s many restaurants, enjoy all of the activities the strip has to offer, and don’t miss live music at one of the many local bars.

About Karen, Celeste, & David 

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Hi! We have been a part of the community in Geneva since 2015. We are avid campers at Willow Lake and love making memories with the community. After discovering our love for Geneva, we decided to spread the love and open KCD cozy cottages for others to enjoy & make memories too!

Each cottage has a theme that represents a cherished memory for each of us. Rustic Cottage is Celeste’s because she has always loved the outdoors & has many fond memories of her childhood spent outside. David grew up on a farm & has always loved hunting but, not for the sport. When he lost his job, it was a way to provide food for our family. He taught our Daughter Celeste and they both enjoy spending the time together. When Karens father passed away she saw a blue butterfly on the day of his funeral.

Now, every time she sees one fly it will always remind her of her father. Last but not least, Oreo is the name of our beloved puppy companion who has been by our side making memories & comforting us in the hard times. Our Grandmother Marge was always afraid of dogs after being bitten by one as a child. After staying with us, Oreo worked her way into our grandmothers heart and once Marge realized Oreo would never give up staying by her side, they became the best of friends.

We are all looking forward as a family to this journey together and we hope all of you will be a part of our new story! We encourage you to take as many pictures as possible with your family in our cottages and share them to our Facebook page.

We hope you have as many wonderful memories as we do!

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