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Custom Add-Ons

Special occasion package -  $20.00

Swan Towel Fold
Fake Rose Pedals
I Love You Lights
Bottle Of Wine

Champagne Package - $85.00

Swan Towel Fold
Red Roses (Real)

Fake Rose Pedals
Tea Heart Lights
I Love You Lights

One Bottle of Champagne Martini & Rossi

Charcuterie Board

Call for more photos and details

Charcuterie Board - $40.00

Meat Roses
Pepperoni Roses
Salami Roses

Prosciutto wrapped in Fontanelle Cheese

Hickory Smoked Swiss
Smoked Cheddar

Herb Cheese
Provolone Roses


Crackers & Pita Bread


Ask for details or any allergy accommodations

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